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Here you can find all information about the summer season!

Today Andreas Kofler (AUT) won the second competition of this summer season in Einsiedeln after only one round! There were short breaks during the round because there was too much wind on the hill. After the last break Gregor Schlierenzauer (AUT) reached with 121m a new Hillrecord! But because of his bad bearing Andreas Kofler won in front of him with 118m and 139,4 points.

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Taku Takeuchi (JAP) won the qualifying round in Einsiedeln (SUI) with a distance of 113m and 129,9 points followed by Andreas Kuettel (113m / 126,9 points) and Fumihisa Yumoto (112m / 126,6 points)

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Georg Spaeth (GER) won the first individual competition in Hinterzarten, followed by Andreas Kofler and Thomas Morgenstern.
In the first round he reached 102,5m and 129,5 points and in the second he had a brilliant jump of 110m and 147,5 points. So he had total points of 277.
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Team Austria won the first competition in this summer, folowed by Germany and the Czech Republic.
With 1028.5 points the shaded Germany's win. Germany reached with 1023 points the second place followed by the Czech Team with 955,5 points. Next to that there wqere Norway with 462,5 points and Finland with 458,5 points.
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Manue Fettner (AUT) won the qualifying round in Hinterzarten!
He won with a range from 101,5m and 128,5 points followed by Georg Spaeth (100,5m / 126 points) and Michael Neumayer (100,0m / 123,5 points)
See the results on Skispringen.com

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